Accelerated Master's

On the fast track to a graduate degree

Through the accelerated master's option, you can receive comprehensive, advanced undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting in a combined five years. Qualified accounting students begin taking graduate coursework during the senior year of their undergraduate degree to jump start their graduate education.

By completing up to six hours for both graduate and undergraduate credit, the Master of Accountancy degree can be completed in one additional year and a total of 152 undergraduate and graduate hours. If you are interested in becoming a Certified Public Accountant, the accelerated master's option allows you to complete all of the education requirements for the exam in Missouri in a shorter amount of time.

Application and admission

Undergraduate students must apply for admission to the accelerated master's option during the second semester of their junior year. To be eligible for admission, the following requirements must be met:


Accounting students from Evangel University and Southwest Baptist University may also qualify for admission into the accelerated program through a cooperative agreement.