Bachelor of General Studies Reverse Transfer Path

Apply for BGS from PharmD

If you left Missouri State with 90+ credits, then during the spring semester of your second year as a PharmD student you need to apply for admission into the BGS program. Include courses in progress in your transcript.

You should complete all general education courses before enrolling in the PharmD program. If you have not, you will need to complete any remaining general education courses.

General education courses do not count in your UMKC PharmD electives.

Use PharmD credits for BGS degree

You can reverse transfer 36.5-44.5 potential credits back to Missouri State:

  • 24 credits of biomedical sciences (BMS) and health care management (HCM) courses. (Only 18 if you had BMS 308 on your transcript)
  • 12.5 credits from other departments. Check with the reverse transfer advising staff for approval of exact course numbers for transfer.
  • Eight credits of MSU-approved professional electives taken in PharmD but in MSU courses as electives.

Or, get a science-related degree

Did you complete requirements for a specific major and only need elective credits? You can receive a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry, biology, or biomedical sciences.

Reverse transfer advising

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