Biomedical Sciences Reverse Transfer Path

BS in Biomedical Sciences

Complete your core courses and general education requirements at Missouri State. You need at least 81 credit hours before leaving MSU for the UMKC PharmD program.

Transfers for elective courses

These courses reverse transfer as your electives.

You'll already have BIO 310 since it's a prerequisite for PharmD admission.

Biomedical sciences major elective courses

PharmD courses MSU equivalent Credit hours
LS-PHYS 399 and LS-PHY 400 BMS 442 and BMS 542 6 (if you did not take BMS 308 at MSU)
PHARM 7307 BMS 561 3
PHARM 7361 and PHARM 7362 BMS 570 and BMS 500


PHARM 7463 BMS 500 2
Total hours   17

Other electives

PharmD courses MSU equivalent Credit hours
PHARM 7465 HCM 504 3
PHARM 7233 HCM 301 3
Total hours   6

Non-applicable electives

Electives from other departments that don't count in the biomedical sciences major.

PharmD courses MSU equivalent Credit hours
PHARM 7325 COM 408 2.5
LS-BIOC 370 CHM 352 4
PHARM 7341 and PHARM 7344 Chemistry upper-level elective 6
Total hours   12.5

UMKC professional electives

Must have eight credits of UMKC professional electives (UMKC-approved courses that are MSU courses approved for your electives).

Pre-pharmacy advisor for cell and molecular biology majors

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