Once you're admitted into UMKC and the PharmD program, you will be assigned a local UMKC advisor.

Faculty advisor

We assign you a UMKC faculty advisor.

Your faculty advisor monitors your progress and success. Meet with them to discuss scheduling and more.

What they help you with

  • Student success program – creating strategies for your academic and professional growth
  • Developing re-entry contracts in the case of academic dismissal
  • Co-curricular requirement discussions
  • Letters of reference for scholarships, jobs, residencies
  • Curriculum vitae, resume, letter of intent and cover letter review
  • Career planning
  • Student organization involvement
  • Choosing electives
  • Grade appeal

Contact is key

We encourage you to build a strong relationship with both advisors. They're here to help. Reach out to them if you need academic guidance or encounter struggles.

Pre-pharmacy advising

Pre-pharmacy students follow the same advising procedures as other native Missouri State students.

Pre-pharmacy advisor for biology majors

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Pre-pharmacy advisor for chemistry and biochemistry majors

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Reverse transfer advising

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