Reverse Transfer Timeline

Finish your Missouri State bachelor's degree as you work toward your PharmD degree.


  • List "pre-pharmacy" as an interest during your SOAR or on your application for admission.
  • Meet with your advisor to develop your timeline for the major that meets your needs and informs you about the reverse transfer process. 
  • In the third year of your undergrad, apply to the PharmD program.


  • Inform your advisor and associate dean that you're interested in pursuing a reverse transfer degree. Contact the reverse transfer advising staff. 
  • In October of your second year, meet with a reverse transfer equivalency advisor to finalize your pathway.
  • In the early spring of your second year, submit a transcript of your courses.
  • In the spring of your second year, submit an Application to Graduate form for your bachelor's degree program.

You can walk at Missouri State's spring commencement and receive your bachelor's degree. Courses within the PharmD program apply as your public affairs capstone.

Current PharmD students

Didn't know about the reverse transfer process until now? It's not too late to earn your bachelor's degree.

Contact the PharmD program or our advisors for details.

Reverse transfer advising

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