Admission Requirements

The admission process

To gain full admittance into the BGS program, follow the steps below:

  1. Declare or change your major to general studies by visiting the Academic Advising and Transfer Center.
  2. Meet with a BGS advisor to discuss admission requirements and to develop a plan of study.
  3. Complete the BGS application form.
  4. Write an essay to the Associate Provost for Student Success:
    • Educational background
    • Explanation of how the BGS would be personally beneficial over a traditional degree.

Applications are reviewed and accepted or denied by the Faculty Senate Committee on General Education and Interdisciplinary Programs. This committee meets monthly September through May. 

When you declare your major, you will be listed as a pre-major until you satisfy all admission requirements.

Procedure for Seeking Candidacy

The BGS degree is by definition appropriate for those who through several years of interdisciplinary and focused study have learned that their interests are not well served within a single academic major. For this reason, the degree is not an available option for freshmen or sophomore students. Admission to the BGS program requires at least 75 hours of college credit including transfer and dual credit hours.

Both former and current students who wish to pursue this degree must identify a faculty or professional staff advocate who is willing to endorse their entrance into the degree program. In most instances, this advocate should come from one of the departments that will be a part of the degree plan. This advocate may also serve as an advising resource for the student. Additional advising resources will be available through the Academic Advising and Transfer Center and the Associate Provost for Student Success.

All applicants for the BGS degree program must submit a written essay to the Associate Provost for Student Success which summarizes the students’ educational background and explains how the degree program would be personally beneficial in ways that a traditional BA or BS degree program would not. A subcommittee of the Council on General Education and Intercollegiate Programs serves as the BGS Admissions Committee to review and act on the application materials.