Keyboard Audition Requirements

Jazz piano performance by Kyle Aho

The student auditioning as a keyboard major in the BM, BME, or BA program should follow the specific instrument audition requirements listed below:

(Any student wishing to pursue a Vocal/Choral BME degree with keyboard as the major applied instrument must schedule both a keyboard audition and a voice audition on one of the official audition dates.)


Auditions must include two pieces in contrasting styles performed from memory. Sight reading will be assessed but will not affect the student's admission into the program.


Auditions must include two works in contrasting styles, preferably including one work by J.S. Bach. Memorization is not required. Applicants with strong keyboard skills who have not had formal organ instruction may audition on piano in lieu of an organ audition.


Auditions must include two works from the standard carillon literature. Memorization is not required.


All incoming undergraduate students wanting to audition for a music major must also take the theory entrance exam.

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