Gender neutral restroom map

Created by an MSU student, this map shows all of the gender neutral restrooms on campus. In addition, details are provided about other campus restrooms. We encourage you to use this information when finding a restroom that you are comfortable using.

Campus policies

On-campus housing policy

The department of residence life, housing and dining services is committed to providing an inclusive and engaging on-campus living experience for MSU students. The department is happy to work with students on a one-on-one basis to discuss their individual needs and concerns. If living with someone of the same sex is uncomfortable or unsafe for you because of your sexual orientation or gender identity, please contact Angie Strider, Assistant Director of Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services, at or 417-836-5536.

Non-discrimination policy

Missouri State University’s non-discrimination policy currently enumerates sexual orientation and gender identity and expression as forms of unacceptable discrimination on campus. Inquiries concerning the complaint/grievance procedure related to sex discrimination, including sexual harassment and sexual assault, should be addressed to the Title IX Coordinator, Carrington Hall 205, 901 S. National Ave., Springfield, Missouri 65897,, 417-836-4252, or to the Office for Civil Rights.

Student health insurance policy

The MSU student health insurance policy does not currently cover hormones for trans students or any transition-related care.

Chosen name policy

Missouri State University adopted a chosen name policy in the 2016-2017 Academic Year. An incremental roll out has begun allowing students to change the name appearing on different documents, rosters and pages at Missouri State. A student can easily update their chosen name by logging into their My Missouri State page and clicking "Update Chosen Name" under the Directory Information section in the Profile tab.

More information can be found at the Chosen Name for Students page.

Additional Resources

Transgender Birth Certificates: Laws by State

Changing your documents as part of a sex-change transition is often an important and highly symbolic step.  For reference, the link can be found at page.