Heritage Months

These month-long celebrations provide the opportunity for the campus community and city of Springfield to learn about the rich cultural history of diverse groups and engage in critical dialogue around the various contributions these historically underserved groups have made to the US and globally.

  • Latinx Heritage Month 2019

  • Asian Heritage Month 2019

  • Womxn's HERstory Month 2019

  • Black History Month 2019

  • Transgender Awareness Week 2018

  • Native and Indigenous Heritage Month 2018

  • Disability Equity Week 2018

  • LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2018

  • Latinx Heritage Month 2018

  • Asian Heritage Month 2018

  • Women's HERstory Month 2018

  • Black History Month 2018

  • Native American Heritage Month 2017

  • LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2017

  • Latinx Heritage Month 2017

  • Asian Heritage Month 2017

  • Women's HERstory Month 2017

  • Black History Month 2017

  • Native American Heritage Month 2016

  • LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2016

  • Latinx Heritage Month 2016

Heritage Months
Calendar Month Heritage Month
September Latinx Heritage
October LGBTQ+ Pride
November Native and Indigenous Heritage
February Black History
March Womxn’s HERstory
April Asian Heritage

Push for Awareness

In addition to our heritage months, the office of multicultural programs collaborates annually two awareness weeks. Similar to the heritage months, these weeks offer a variety of programs to showcase the unique experiences of historically marginalized populations.

Awareness weeks
Month Awareness topic
October Disability Equity
In collaboration with the Disability Resource Center.
November Transgender Awareness