Programming Model

Multicultural programs is also the hub for the student growth and development as well as the exploration and identity of self. This programming model helps enhance the unit's impact on campus, create meaningful initiatives and achieve a newfound identity.

Multicultural programs program model

Academic success

Programs and initiatives that support student's endeavors to succeed, enhance retention and graduation reates of students, and provide cultural enrichment through an academic lens.

Professional development

Programs and initiatives that support and promote professional access and growth — programs such as Adulting with the MRC series, financial literacy, social networking/marketing, continued education and etiquette skills.

Leadership development

Programs and initiatives that promote leadership from a cultural lens and understanding. Also, enhance student's understanding of self, social activism, justice and the importance of advocacy.

Diversity and inclusion

Programs and initiatives that promote the understanding of different people and cultures. Programs will work to transform not only the individual but institutional climate and campus culture.


Programs and initiatives that exam how identity is intersectional — race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, religion, nationality, etc.

Community empowerment

Programs and initiatives specifically designed for a distinct community or group of people in order to foster empowerment, pride and togetherness. Programs will seek to create a stronger connection to each other in order to improve connection to campus and Greater Springfield community.