Public Presentations

Looking for a speaker for an upcoming meeting or event? Consider inviting one of the Missouri State University’s religious studies faculty! Contact the faculty member directly to discuss your organization’s needs and interests, as well as arrangements of time and place. See below, or download the Religious Studies faculty speakers flyer.

Topics & Speakers Available:

Biblical Studies:

New Testament, Early Judaism,
Apocalypticism, C. S. Lewis
Leslie Baynes, Ph.D.

New Testament Topics
Mark Given, Ph.D.

Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, Social World of Ancient Israel
Victor Matthews, Ph.D.

Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, Biblical Archaeology
John Strong, Ph.D.

Religions of Europe and the Middle East:

Judaism, Jewish Philosophy, Medieval and Early Modern Judaism
Vadim Putzu, Ph.D.

Reformation, Martin Luther, Medieval & Reformation Women
Austra Reinis, Ph.D.

Religion and Culture:

Health and Religion, American Religions, Church History
Philippa Koch, Ph.D.

Women & Religion, Relevance of Religion
Lora Hobbs, M.A., M.Ed.

Relevance of Religion, Women & Religion, Politics & Religion
Kathy Pulley, Ph.D.

Issues Related to Suffering, Theodicy, Women in Religion
Micki Pulleyking, Ph.D.

Ozarks Religion, American Religions, Spirituality and Health
John Schmalzbauer, Ph.D.

Religions of Asia:

Buddhism, Religions of China and Japan
Stephen Berkwitz, Ph.D.

Hinduism, Islam

For more information, call 417-836-5514.