Fund - Organization (Budget) Access Reports

Fund and Organization (Budget) Access Reports are designed to provide fund and organization access and approver information for both University and Foundation charts to authorized individuals who help manage this access. 

Fund and Organization Access by Person includes lookup capabilities for an individual in terms of current Finance SSB access, Fund and Organization authorization, and any established Approver authority. An individual must be specified.

Budget Access by Fund and Organization includes lookup capabilities for a Fund and Organization in terms of individuals and their authorized access along with any current Approvers over the specified budget. The Chart of Accounts (COA) and a Fund and Organization code must be specified.

Budget Approver Detail Report includes a list of current approvers over specified Fund(s) and Organization(s). Organization selections may be made for either an individual Organization code, or for one of the hierarchical "roll-up" Cost Center, Division, or Department group codes. If a group code is selected, all areas within that group will be reported. Chart, Fund, Organization, Approver, Approver Queue, and any required Next Queue approval information is included in this report.

Budget Approver Detail-CSV may also be requested as described above in spreadsheet format.

Visit FOAPAL Authorization Request to request needed access. 

All users with Finance access should be able to run these reports and If you run into any issues or questions, please email us at