FOAPAL Authorization Request

FOAPAL stands for six accounting elements of finance data in Banner: Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity and Location. FOAPAL authorization can also be called Fund-Organization Access. In Banner, all access to the (University and Foundation) Finance data is based on the Fund/Organization Access that has been authorized/established for an individual. Dependent upon the Fund/Organization access in place, an individual may view associated budget information, originate purchase requisitions against associated budgets, approve or disapprove purchase requisitions created by others, or perform authorized budget transfers.

Run Fund & Organization (Budget) Access reports to find out what fund/organization access you or other have.  

“View Only” access allows an individual to run My Finance Query as well as generate Bear Finance Report (if granted with Argos access) for budgets associated with those specific Fund and Organization codes. 

“Originator” access provides “View Only” access as well as the ability to originate online purchase requisitions through My Requisition in Finance Dashboard for items being funded to budgets associated with those specific Fund and Organization codes.

“Approver” access provides “View Only” and “Originator” access as well as the ability to act upon online purchase requisitions or perform authorized budget transfers through My Journals in Finance Dashboard for items associated with those specific Fund and Organization codes. In addition, “Approvers” must approve “View Only” or “Originator” access being requested for others when it relates to the Fund/Organization over which they have authority.

To request “Approver” access, submit a FOAPAL Authorization - Approver Request.

This form can be used to replace approver access. Approver access must be granted manually by Banner Finance office and users will be notified when access is granted. 

To request “Originator” or “View Only” access, submit a FOAPAL Authorization - Originator/View Request.

Originator/View access is granted by the approver of that fund-organization, and it is an automated system where fund-organization approver (s) will get emailed notification for requests and take action to approve or deny your originator/view access request.

Once "Approver" access is established, request for “View Only” or “Originator” access can be submitted by going to FOAPAL Authorization - Originator/View Request. Approvers can expedite requests for “View Only” or “Originator” access by initiating the request themselves. This will grant access automatically and will not require additional approvals. For instructions and help, see FOAPAL Authorization - Originator/View Quick-Guide.

Banner Finance Office does not make changes to individual's access without authorization from departments, so it is department's responsibility to authorize us to make the change when people move to different office or leave. To remove current access, or other questions, please send the email to