Continue the Tradition Fee Waiver Application

How to apply

Complete the online application below prior to the beginning of the semester you are admitted for.

For the application, you will need the following information about your parent or grandparent, who is an alumnus:

  • Year of their graduation
  • Last four digits of their social security number
  • Address, phone number and email address

Note: The Continue the Tradition Fee Waiver Program waives out-of-state fees; therefore, it is only available to incoming students who are admitted as non-Missouri residents.

Continue the Tradition Fee Waiver Program


A full waiver of out-of-state fees for fall and spring semesters (current value is approximately $7,050 annually for a student taking 30 credit hours).

Number available



Apply for admission and submit the Continue the Tradition Application. While there is no application deadline, students are encouraged to apply early to be considered for scholarships which do have deadlines.

Selection criteria

Student must be the child or grandchild of a Missouri State graduate.

Renewal criteria

Complete 27 Missouri State credit hours each academic year with a 2.00 cumulative Missouri State grade point average.

Additional information

This waiver can be combined with any of the other freshman scholarships that do not already provide a waiver of out-of-state fees.

Continue the Tradition Fee Waiver Program application

General information

This program waives out-of-state fees only. Qualified applicant must be a non-Missouri resident.

Information about qualified Missouri State graduate

Qualified graduate must be the parent or grandparent of applicant.