Missouri Outreach Graduate Opportunity (MOGO) Scholarship

The Missouri Outreach Graduate Opportunity (MOGO) Scholarship provides a partial remission of out-of-state tuition for full-time graduate students who are not Missouri residents. This scholarship is available to students admitted into an eligible graduate program.

The MOGO Scholarship has a value of three-fourths of the non-resident differential (the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition) graduate student tuition for 9 credit hours (5 credits hours in the summer). The scholarship amount will be adjusted annually when the Missouri State University Board of Governors approves changes to the student fee schedule.

No application is required. Once a student meets the eligibility criteria, the scholarship will automatically be offered.

The MOGO Scholarship cannot be combined with other forms of university aid, including scholarships, graduate assistantships, or fee waivers.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible, a student must:

  • be considered a non-resident of Missouri for fee purposes

  • have an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.25

  • be a first-time, degree-seeking graduate student admitted into an eligible program (see below)

  • enroll as a full-time graduate student, taking at least 9 graduate credit hours during the fall and during the spring semester or 5 graduate credit hours during the summer.

Eligible programs

Accountancy (MAcc)*

Athletic Training (MS)

Audiology (AuD)

Biology (MS)*

Business Administration (MBA)

Cell and Molecular Biology (MS)*

Chemistry (MS)*

Communication (MA)

Communication Sciences and Disorders (MS)

Computer Science (MS)

Counseling (MS)

Criminology (MS)

Educational Administration (EdS)

Educational Administration (MSEd)

Educational Technology (MSEd)

Elementary Education (MSEd)

English (MA)

Geography and Geology (MS)*

Global Studies

Health Administration (MHA)

Health Promotion and Wellness Management (MS)

History (MA)

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Materials Science (MS)*

Mathematics (MS)*

Music (MM)

Natural and Applied Science (MNAS)*

Nursing (MSN)*

Nursing Practice (DNP)*

Nutrition and Dietetics (MS)

Occupational Therapy (MOT)

Plant Science (MS)

Project Management (MS)

Professional Studies (MPS)

Psychology (MS)

Public Administration (MPA)*

Public Health (MPH)

Reading (MSEd)

Religious Studies (MA)

Secondary Education (MSEd)

Special Education and Assessment (EdS)

Social Work (MSW)

Special Education (MSEd)

Student Affairs (MS)

Theatre (MA)

Writing (MA)

*Out-of-state undergraduate students in Missouri State University accelerated master’s programs may qualify for the scholarship after they have completed their bachelor’s degree and are given full graduate status.

Non-eligible programs

Information Technology (MS)

Defense & Strategic Studies (MS, Doctorate)

Nurse Anesthesia (DNAP)

Physical Therapy (DPT)

Physician Assistant Studies (MS)


Renewal criteria

To renew the MOGO Scholarship for subsequent semesters, students must:

  • Remain enrolled in an eligible program

  • Complete at least 9 graduate credit hours during each semester the award is received and at least 5 graduate credit hours during each summer session the award is received

  • Maintain a cumulative graduate GPA of 3.00

  • Remain classified as a non-resident for fee purposes

Eligibility will be verified at the end of each semester. 

Enrollment in the MOGO program during the summer semester is optional.

An exception to the credit hour requirement will be granted to students who are enrolled in their last semester and need fewer than the prescribed minimum to graduate.  These students must be enrolled in at least 7 graduate credit hours during their final fall or spring semester, or 4 graduate credit hours during the summer.

If a student becomes ineligible, the scholarship cannot be reinstated unless the student is approved for an exception by the dean of the Graduate College.