High Quality Course Design

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Missouri State is a member of the Missouri QM Consortium. 

QM Higher Education Rubric

About QM

QM provides research-based standards of practice to guide course design and protocols for the course review process.  With over 1000 institutional members, QM is a leader in course quality assurance. 


How is the FCTL using QM?

Resource Development 

The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning is using  standards established by the QM rubric to guide the development of resources to support faculty instruction and continuous improvement, as well as the overall quality of instruction at Missouri State University, regardless of modality.

Internal Course Reviews

The FCTL staff are developing their course review skills through the QM Peer Review Certification training process in order to provide internal course reviews that meet the highest of quality standards and prepare faculty to be successful if they choose to submit their online or blended course for an official QM review in order to achieve QM certification for their course.  

Being a member of the QM system allows the FCTL access to the annotated QM rubric, the MQM dashboard, as well as additional QM provided resources to facilitate internal course reviews.  

Do you need course design support or a course review?

The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning provides consultations, training, and support for all phases of instructional planning.  MSU promotes the development of high quality courses aligned to the Quality Matters (QM) Standards.  Course review services are available.


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