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Spark something great

Cell phones. Computers. Appliances.

Technology makes life easier – thanks to electrical engineering.

What do electrical engineers do?

They connect the world and make big advances possible.

Electrical engineers turn Earth’s natural resources into heating, lighting, computing, communication and more.

They send energy and information where it needs to go.

When you charge a phone, turn on lights or replace batteries, you’re experiencing the work of an electrical engineer.

Major in electrical engineering

How much money do electrical engineers make?

This career field pays in the six figures and has a stable job outlook.

Your salary may vary depending on where you live, work and how much experience you have.



Average annual pay for electrical engineers. Average starting pay is about $70,000.
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
Job growth


Projected job growth this decade for electrical engineers.
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Jobs for electrical engineers

From hardwiring computers to planning a complex power grid, you can do critical work for people and companies everywhere.

Here are a few of the specific career fields you can pursue.

Where do our graduates work?

Springfield is a growing hub for engineering. Many of our alumni stay local and move into full-time jobs when they graduate.

Local employers include:

  • Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc.
  • Associated Electric Cooperative Inc.
  • Brewer Science
  • City Utilities
  • Jenfab
  • John Deere Reman
  • Liberty Utilities
  • Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative
  • Toth and Associates