Plaster Student Union Policies for Students

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Missouri State offers a comprehensive list of policies, which contains this policy in its entirety.

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Indoor banners

University departments and organizations can reserve space to hang a banner within the PSU. A maximum of 6 banners may be hung in the inside locations. Inside locations are indicated with a number from 1-6 to block sufficient space, but the numbers do not correspond to specific locations within the banner area. Each banner needs to specify the organization or department that has sponsored it. Banners are allowed for a one week period and can be extended up to an additional week if other requests have not been received. The size for the indoor banners is 3ft tall by 8ft long. The PSU has 1 outside banner space located over the east entrance. The maximum outside banner size is 3ft tall by 16ft long.

Recreational field banner

University departments and organizations can reserve the one banner space for the purpose of event promotion. Such signage is generally limited to a maximum of one (1) week and must be maintained throughout the period. The one-week limit may be extended up to an additional two (2) weeks, if other requests have not been received. Wind relief holes should be cut in banners to minimize strain on the fence. Reimbursement of costs associated with fence repairs due to banner postings will be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization or department.


Costs associated with holding an event on campus are billed to a Missouri State University Budget Number (if applicable) or are invoiced to the billing address indicated on the reservation. Invoices for campus organizations or departments with budget numbers are sent simultaneously to the client and to Financial Services; resulting in a budget transfer to immediately pay the invoice. .

Building hours — PSU

Normal operating hours will be Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. During breaks, the Union is open 7am – 5pm weekdays and there are no normal operating hours for weekends. In special circumstances, groups may access the facility before or after scheduled opening or closing times but must be set up with Event and Meeting Services at least 10 working days prior. Standard labor fees will be applied for any extended time to keep the facility open. This coverage must be secured before the reservation is confirmed.

Bulletin boards

Fliers to be hung on PSU Bulletin boards must be stamped at the PSU Information Desk. The desk will date the flier with a removal date of the day after the event advertised or 2 weeks after the current date if the flier does not promote an individual event. PSU Student Managers clear the bulletin boards of outdated or unstamped materials daily. Maximum size is 11 x 17 inches. One flier may be hung on each bulletin board – a total of 3 in the building.

Cancellation/no show policy and associated fees

Due to the increasing demand for the limited event space in the Plaster Student Union the Event and Meeting Services Offices will be enforcing a Cancellation/No Show Policy in order to maximize space and allow more groups opportunity to have events inside the PSU.

For Registered Student Organizations if a reserved space in the Plaster Student Union is not used (no show) and was not cancelled through the Event and Meeting Services Office (through email, telephone, voicemail, or visiting the office) within 72 hours of event, the sponsoring student organization will receive a written warning. A second such occurrence will result in a second written warning. For a third occurrence, student organizations will lose Plaster Student Union reservation privileges for the remainder of the academic semester. If the third no show occurrence happens on or after midterm of the current semester, then the organization will lose reservation privileges in the Student Union for the following semester. Existing reservations will be reassigned to an academic facility where appropriate.

Additionally, if any PSU reserved event is not cancelled within 72 hours of event, all additional labor and set-up charges associated with the event will be charged to the sponsoring organization.

Inclement weather

The Event and Meeting Services Office does not automatically cancel events should the University cancel classes due to weather. For inclement weather cancellations, groups must contact the Event and Meeting Services office at least two hours prior to the scheduled reserved time and cancel their event. Failure to cancel an event that has any charges (i.e., labor and/or audio/visual fees) associated with the event will result in those charges being assessed to the sponsoring group.

Capacities — fire code

Plaster Student Union rooms and other campus locations have capacity limitations designed according to the fire code, which may limit the maximum number of people who can enter an event. Any limitations will be discussed, and alternative plans will be made when necessary and possible.


Chalk advertisements by members of the University community are permitted on concrete horizontal sidewalk surfaces only; in areas that can be naturally washed by rain; and are not permitted under building overhangs, on building surfaces, curbs, steps, brick surfaces, planters, benches, or similar locations. Only washable sidewalk chalk may be used and may not convey obscene or defamatory messages, threaten physical harm or include messages that otherwise are not entitled to the protection of free expression.

Contact table

Information tables are only available to student organizations or departments providing information or services of interest to Missouri State University students. Information tables will only be placed in designated areas in or near the Plaster Student Union, or with the appropriate Dean’s permission, in the building occupied by the department directly related to a student organization. Exceptions to these locations will be made at the discretion of the Director, Plaster Student Union.

Vendor/fundraising table

Vendor/fundraising tables will be placed only in designated locations in or near the Plaster Student Union. Off campus vendors or organizations must have an on-campus sponsor for such tables, and are limited to inside locations. The Union may be that sponsor – in which case a rental charge applies. Due to SGA Action in 2006, no credit card companies may exhibit. A student organization which sponsors an outside vendor as part of a fundraiser is also charged a fee; and is required to have a member at the vendor table at all times. Vendors which are competitors of businesses with exclusive University contracts may not exhibit. See information on insurance requirements and Sales, Solicitation & Information Distribution section.

Limits: Student Organizations and University Departments are permitted a maximum of ten (10) dates each semester, with a limit of two (2) tables per reservation. The Director, Plaster Student Union must approve exceptions to the two-table limit. Displays are limited to the top of the table(s) reserved. Organizations or vendors that cause a disturbance or fail to adhere to University policies will be asked to leave and will forfeit any further reservation with no refund.

Damage policy

It is expected that all clients who use the University facilities will treat them with great care. Any damage to equipment or to the facility should be reported immediately to the Building Manager or Student Union management so that any necessary repairs can be made.

The Event and Meeting Services Office will determine the cause and seriousness of the damage, and any repair or replacement costs will be discussed and assessed accordingly.


Decorations for an event must not pose fire or other health & safety risks, or damage any University property. Appropriate placement is important to ensure proper facility maintenance and compliance with city codes. Decorations should be placed in designated areas only. Material cannot be suspended from the ceiling or light fixtures. Glue, thumbtacks, or adhesive cannot be used on wall surfaces. Only painters tape may be used on walls within rooms. Nothing may be affixed to walls in public areas. Exhibits that require open flame are prohibited. Failure to seek proper approval for decorations may result in their removal, and charges for any room damage they may have caused. Removal of all large decorations, props, and supplies immediately after an event is the responsibility of the client, and a storage fee will be assessed for any large decorations not completely removed. Live animals are not allowed as part of decorations.

Equipment (audio/visual)

Event and Meeting Services has a limited amount of AV equipment available within the Union. This equipment can only be used in the PSU. There are charges for use of the PSU equipment. Arrangements must be made 10 days in advance for AV equipment availability and for Technician Assistance. Refer to the Audio/Visual Equipment page to see a list of available equipment and pricing.

FCTL (Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning)

The Classroom Instruction Technlolgies office, located on the 2nd floor of Meyer Library, provides support and assistance for instructional technologies in multi-campus environment. They offer free equipment lending for student organizations and departments. They do not deliver to the Plaster Student Union. To reserve equipment fill out the Faculty Equipment Lending Form or call 417-836-5778


Room rental

The PSU has a 3-tiered pricing structure

  1. University No Fee Usage – No room rental is charged to a department or recognized organization sponsoring an event directly related to the mission of the department or organization.
  2. Co-Sponsored or Admission Charged events – Reduced room rental fees are charged to University departments or groups who charge admission to their events, or who co-sponsor events for whom the audience is primarily non-university. This includes events where the sponsoring organization is charging specifically to recover the costs associated with an event, and events where the money raised will be given to a charity. Student Organizations are charged 10% of the total amount of money collected, or a flat fee, whichever is less. Student Organizations are required to fill out a Fixed Room Fee Waiver form within 3 business days of the event if they want to pay the 10% rate. After 3 business days the fixed rate will be billed.
  3. Off-Campus Usage – Off-campus clients are charged room rental by the half-day (up to 4 hours) or full day rate. Individual students/faculty/staff members can rent space in the Union for parties, bowling, wedding receptions, etc. at a reduction of the off-campus rate.

After hour fees

All groups wanting to use the Plaster Student Union outside the regular building hours will pay for a building manager to open the building and be present during the groups entire event including set up and tear down.

Set-up fees

All meeting rooms in the Plaster Student Union have a standard setup. When a client uses a standard setup for their meeting, there is no charge. If a group requests a non-standard setup, labor charges will be applied. Labor charges always apply to the Ballroom, which has no standard set up.

Equipment fees

University departments or organizations may use their own technical equipment in the Plaster Student Union. In those instances, the client is responsible for the delivery, setup, removal and security of the equipment.

Audio/visual technical fees

Plaster Student Union technical equipment is also available to be rented at on-campus or off-campus rates. Some equipment that is more comprehensive in nature (large sound system, theatrical lights, etc.) will require a Student Union employee to operate it at an additional labor cost. Use of the PSU Theater and Ballroom always incurs a labor charge for a technician to operate its equipment.

Fire/open flame policy

No candles or other open flames are allowed in the Plaster Student Union. An exception is granted for events in which candles are used as centerpieces and are contained in glassware.

Flier & bulletin board policy

Fliers for display on the Union’s bulletin boards must be stamped with an expiration date at the Information Desk. Any recognized University organization may leave fliers at the Information Center. Other businesses or organizations may leave fliers on the designated table on the 2nd floor. Any flier or poster must clearly state the sponsoring person or organization. Signs without approval, or fliers which do not list a sponsor, will be removed.


All food served in the Plaster Student Union OR at events booked through the Event and Meeting Services Office elsewhere on campus must be provided by Missouri State Catering or through a PSU vendor or affiliate. There are some exceptions: Individuals may provide food for their personal consumption; University departments may sponsor “potluck” meals for their office staff in spaces controlled by their office; Recognized student organizations may provide pre-packaged foods that do not require refrigeration, heating, mixing, or other preparation for closed meetings and events; University departments and recognized student, faculty, and staff organizations may conduct authorized bake sales of products prepared by their members as fundraisers; Any other exceptions to the policy must be requested with a “Request for Food Service Waiver” form.

Arrangements with Catering can be made through the Event and Meeting Services Office.


A fundraiser is defined as any activity or event where funds are received, including both sales and the acceptance of donations, regardless of where the money ultimately goes.

Fundraisers by University departments and recognized Student organizations are allowed. In addition to the appropriate reservation form & process, a Fundraiser form must be filled out and approved. Fundraisers which sell items produced by the group (bake sale, pottery sale, etc.) are considered University No Fee usage. Fundraisers working with a business to market or sell a product (Avon, gift cards, etc.) are considered Organization/Department charged events. A business on campus as part of an organization fundraiser must be accompanied AT ALL TIMES by a representative of that organization.

Student Organization Events which charge admission are considered fundraisers, and a room charge applies. Organizations may request a Fixed Room Fee Waiver by turning in the appropriate form within 3 business days of the event. The organization then may be charge 10% of the total taken in (gross) at the event, or the fixed fee, whichever is less.

A fundraiser must be legal. Gambling events, including raffles, BINGO, and poker tournaments are very restricted in Missouri.


All organizations must assess liability and insurance concerns when they utilize space on the Missouri State University campus. Student organizations and University departments will work directly with the Event and Meeting Services Office to assess special insurance needs. Any non-University caterer or vendor must provide an original certificate of Comprehensive General Liability Insurance in liability limits of at least one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) naming the Board of Governors of Missouri State University and its employees as additional insured’s prior to confirmation of a reservation. Student organizations or University departments selling products they have produced themselves are not required to provide insurance unless the product is potentially hazardous in the opinion of the Event and Meeting Services Office.

Late night/large events policy

This policy applies to events that end after 11pm and large events, especially those where admission is charged. Organizations planning these types of events need to meet with CSO staff as soon as possible in the planning process. Special forms are required for this type of event. Final details of these events must be in to the CSO more than 2 weeks before the event date. The policy requires an ID check and a pre-event meeting, and contains requirements for hiring outside security officers.

Movies & movie ratings

An organization or department sponsoring movies in the Plaster Student Union are responsible for obtaining proper license and copyright approval before showing any movie. Groups must clearly and openly identify itself and the name of the film, if known, in its request for use of the facility, and in all of its advertisements and promotional efforts. The Motion Picture Academy’s rating must be indicated both with the letter symbol and a full explanation of the rating on all promotional materials. In addition, organizations are responsible for complying with and enforcing age limit access. Any showing of a movie in the PSU is considered a “public” (i.e., not in someone’s home) viewing.

Noise policy

In order to provide usable space for all groups inside the Union, amplified sounds must be held to acceptable levels. The Plaster Student Union staff is authorized to ask any group to bring their activity to within acceptable sound levels.

Outdoor activities form

The plan for an outdoor event on the Missouri State University campus directly involves the Physical Plant Department, and can involve Campus Security, the Parking Office, and/or other departments. The Outdoor Activities form is required at least ten(10) days before a scheduled event. This form helps to ensure that all logistical arrangements are made with other University departments.


The Event and Meeting Services Office will work with clients to determine parking needs related to an event, and will make all arrangements with Parking Administration for space needs for those without University Parking passes. For most events in the Plaster Student Union, attendees may park in the Visitors Lot on National Avenue or park at Bear Park North on Elm Street and ride the University shuttle to the Union shuttle stop. Parking generally carries a charge for off-campus attendees.

Payment for services

Clients are expected to pay for services promptly. University departments are required to submit an account number when confirming their reservation, and will be billed directly through Financial Services. . Student Organizations are required to either submit an account number or pay for their charges in advance. Non-university organizations will be required to pay a deposit for their scheduled event during the confirmation process, and should pay invoices after receiving a statement from the University.

Press, media, etc.

Press conferences on University property must be arranged in advance through Strategic Communication. If an event is full to overflow capacity, and guests are being turned away at the door, the press must still be allowed into the facility, room, etc. (per Deans meeting 9/24/02). Broadcast media may need to use a Mult Box (equipment that allows TV stations to record the sound signal directly from the sound system). A Mult Box is available through Strategic Communication.

Refusal of service

The Assistant Director of Event and Meeting Services can refuse reservation requests to any individual or organization which has a history of damaging University property or not paying for services in a timely manner, as well as for events that have the potential of threatening University property or the safety of individuals. Appeals to a denial of reservation may be made, in writing, to the Director, Plaster Student Union.

Reservation timeline

Union space

All organizations may reserve meeting rooms and programming space in Plaster Student Union for up to one year in advance. Reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. The Director, Plaster Student Union must approve requests for reservations more than one year in advance. Confirmation of reservation will be sent within 48 hours of request.

Event details deadline

All groups requiring audio/visual equipment, outside power needs, or any special set up needs must have all final details to the Event and Meeting Services Office ten (10) days prior to their event date. Any groups that provide this information nine (9) days or less may not be guaranteed that their needs can be met.

Residence life areas

Event and Meeting Services reserves the Kentwood Crystal Room, the Wells Courtyard/Pavilion, and the Blair Shannon yard with the approval of the Director of Residence Life and Services and their Administrative Assistant. Once approval has been given then the space can be reserved on EMS.

Security officers

Some events held on the campus may require that the sponsoring organization hire security officers to oversee the event to ensure that a safe environment is maintained. Any organization wishing to have security at an event may do so. Requirements to provide security for a particular event will be assessed jointly by the Safety, Student Engagement and Event and Meeting Services offices. Determination of security needs will be based upon expected attendance, the history of the Sponsoring Organization, the nature of the event, the date selected, and other factors. The Event and Meeting Services Office will help the Sponsoring Organization to hire security officers. The cost of such services will be billed by Event and Meeting Services to the Sponsoring Organization. In addition, Sponsoring Organizations are responsible for maintaining control of the entrance doors to the event, and using ushers in aisles if necessary. Crowd control should be discussed with the Event and Meeting Services Office in advance.

Standing reservation in programming space

These events can be bumped for a date more than 4 weeks in advance only by a University event which is an open program which requires the large programming space. These reservations cannot be bumped by an off-campus request.

Video games & video game tournaments

The procedure for these events is similar to movie regulations. Permission from the makers of the games must be attained before viewing/playing in public spaces.


Outdoor events that have need to access water (for a dunk tank, fish pond game, etc.) need to check out a key from the Grounds Department.