Academic Policies for Student Organizations

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Missouri State offers a comprehensive list of policies.

Academic buildings: locking and unlocking

On weekdays within normal university operating hours, academic custodial unlocks classrooms in academic buildings. On weeknights, weekends, holidays, and breaks, Missouri State University Safety & Transportation unlocks the buildings.

After-hour events

If an event/Meeting is during afterhours (weekends and outside of M-F 8am – 5pm) the academic spaces will be in energy conservation mode. This means there will be little to no AC or Heat. Event and Meeting Services has no control over thermostat settings, faculty and staff should contact Work Management or call 417-836-8400 during normal working hours.

During afterhours academic space on campus is locked. Event planners need to arrive at least a half hour early to contact safety to get their space unlocked. It is the responsibility of the event planner to clear the room of all participants at the conclusion of the event, turn off all a/v equipment, and contact Campus Safety 417-836-5509 to make sure the rooms is locked after your departure.

Audio/visual equipment

In order for student organizations to use the audio/visual equipment within academic space they must go through training that is put on by the Office of Student Engagement. Once an organization has completed the training they can then reserve space from Event and Meeting Services. 24 business hours prior to the organizations event the group can receive an audio/visual cart key and any necessary audio/visual cabling through the Office of Student Engagement. These keys and cables must be returned within 24 business hours after their event.

Failure to turn in the key and cables within the allotted time frame, or problems which arise with the equipment, the organization will be issued a written warning. If a student organization receives two written warnings within a semester they will lose all academic space reservation privileges for the remainder of the current semester and the following semester. Additionally, appropriate fees will be assessed to the student organization for any lost or unreturned keys or cables.

If a student organization does not request use of the audio/visual equipment, but has been identified as having used the equipment without prior approval, and/or not having attended the required training, that organization will be issued a written warning and will be required to go through training before further academic space reservations will be scheduled.

Damage policy

It is expected that all clients who use the University facilities will treat them with great care. Any damage to equipment or to the facility should be reported immediately to the Building Manager or Student Union management so that any necessary repairs can be made.

The Event and Meeting Services Office will determine the cause and seriousness of the damage, and any repair or replacement costs will be discussed and assessed accordingly

Expressive activity (free speech)

All members of the Missouri State University community are encouraged to exercise the right of assembly, free speech and expression throughout the campus, when doing so does not disrupt the academic mission or daily University functions. While members of the University community are not restricted to the Bear Paw for expressive activities, any member of the University community may use the Bear Paw without prior reservation on a first come, first served basis. The Bear Paw may also be reserved. Organizations or individuals who reserve the Bear Paw have priority.

For a complete explanation of this policy, please read the Expressive Activity Policy

FCTL (Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning)

The Educational Technology Center located on the 2nd floor of Meyer Library, provides support and assistance for instructional technologies in multi-campus environment. They offer free equipment lending for student organizations and departments. They do not deliver to the Plaster Student Union. To reserve equipment fill out the Faculty Equipment Lending Form or call 417-836-5778

Fire/open flame policy

No candles or other open flames are allowed in university buildings


No food or drinks are allowed inside classrooms. Any exception must be approved by the building Dean. Any events with food service booked through the Event and Meeting Services Office on campus must be provided by Missouri State Catering or through a PSU vendor or affiliate. There are some exceptions: Individuals may provide food for their personal consumption; University departments may sponsor “potluck” meals for their office staff in spaces controlled by their office. University departments and recognized student, faculty, and staff organizations may conduct authorized bake sales of products prepared by their members as fundraisers; Any other exceptions to the policy must be requested with a “Request for Food Service Waiver” form.

Arrangements with Catering can be made through the Event and Meeting Services Office.

Inclement weather

When classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, events in academic spaces are automatically cancelled. Reschedule with Event and Meeting Services.


The Event and Meeting Services Office will work with clients to determine parking needs related to an event, and will make all arrangements with Parking Administration for space needs for those without University Parking passes. For most events in the Plaster Student Union, attendees may park in the Visitors Lot on National Avenue or park at Bear Park North on Elm Street and ride the University shuttle to the Union shuttle stop. Parking generally carries a charge for off-campus attendees.

Reservation timeline for academic buildings

Reservations for Academic buildings may be made one semester in advance. The Event and Meeting Services Office will schedule campus space for all events that are not directly related to academic courses. Requests for events that require tables and chairs or special set up needs must be made 10 business days in advance. Departments must fill out the Academic Request form for events taking place after 5 pm on weekdays or anytime on weekends.

Event and Meeting Services Office can reserve academic space as follows:

  • Fall semester: starting on April 1*
  • Spring semester: starting on October 1*
  • Summer session: starting on April 1*

These reservations can be confirmed only after space for classes is assigned for the semester. Confirmation of reservation will be sent within 48hours of request.

*These dates are subject to change and are dependent on Academic Classes being scheduled