Audio/Visual Equipment

Academic Space

Staff and Faculty are authorized to use the classroom media carts. For security all media carts are to be locked at all times*. If staff or faculty need keys, they are to get approval from their department head or VP to get a key from key control.

*Campus Security does not unlock media carts.

Plaster Student Union

The Plaster Student Union provides both built-in and mobile sound systems for use in our meeting and event rooms. In addition, a staff of experienced technicians is available to provide support during your event.

Our theater has built in 5.1 channel surround sound system with a 20-channel sound board, drop down mechanized screens, a house lighting system with dimmers and theatrical stage lighting. The theater has a built-in HD projection system with a 5000 lumens video projector with VHS, DVD, and computer inputs.

The Ballroom and our Parliamentary Room both feature a built in sound system and mechanized screens. Our Ballroom also offers 3 built in video projectors that offer clear viewing of any presentation.

There is a rental fee for all PSU equipment. PSU has limited amounts of equipment and is reserved on a first reserve first serve basis. Equipment requests may be initiated by emailing Event and Meeting Services.

Audio/visual equipment rental price list

Please select the tab of the correct type of sponsor for your event to see your rental costs.

Bear Statue

Computers and projectors

Equipment Rental cost
Computer $20.00
Projector $25.00
Computer/Projector Cart $45.00


Equipment Rental cost
CD Player $15.00
DVD Player $15.00
DVD Cart (Player and Projector) $45.00
TV with VCR or DVD $15.00
VCR Player $10.00
VCR Cart (Player and Projector) $35.00

Marker Boards and Easels

Equipment Rental cost
Flipchart Pad/Markers and Stand $14.00
Prop Easel No cost

Microphones and Sound Systems

Equipment Rental cost
Wired Handheld Microphone No cost
Wireless Handheld Microphone $2.00
Wireless Lavaliere Microphone $2.00
Podium with Microphone No cost
Outdoor Sound System $80.00
Indoor Sound System $55.00
Parli Sound System $55.00
Ballroom Sound System $65.00
Theater Sound System $65.00


Equipment Rental cost
Stage Section - Short $5.00
Stage Section - Tall $5.00


Equipment Rental cost
Karaoke System $100.00
Screens No cost
Piano Grand/Upright No cost
Speaker Phone $5.00


Equipment Rental cost
Spot Light $10.00
Stage Lights $50.00
Stage Lights Theater No cost


Equipment Rental cost
Set Up Labor $20.00/hr
Audio/Visual Tech Charges $10.50/hr
Building Manager Charges $15.00/hr