We connect students, teachers and community organizations - working together to address social issues through experiential learning.

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What is service-learning?

Service-learning is a teaching method used to connect academic material to engagement in the community. 

It is experiential learning and considered a high-impact practice – which refers to educational methods that are often associated with recruitment and retention of students. 

Learn more about the different types and attributes of service-learning on our page for faculty and advisors.

Students can go to our students page to learn about the benefits of service-learning and how to add a course.

We focus on issues identified by the community itself

A lot of our information about the community comes from the Springfield Community Focus Report. Faculty teaching integrated courses are encouraged to use the report to help generate partnerships and address issues through their coursework.

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Visit the Springfield Community Focus home and our Featured Area Initiatives page for more info about the good our students do around town.

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