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Why do service-learning?

Due to the nature of working with community partners, the projects and coursework is not theoretical. The relationship with community partners ensures that students are working on projects that have real causes, barriers and impacts.

So, not only is the learning applicable to the material in an academic course, students are being actively shown how their learning connects to a real-world scenario.

How to find a service-learning course in Schedule Search

You can use the Course Schedule Search function to view service-learning courses by attribute.

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Everything you need to know if you are interested in joining or if you are already enrolled in a 1-credit service-learning course

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Everything you need to know about service-learning that is embedded in a course and controlled by the professor

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Explore organizations you can partner with for 1-credit service-learning, or research organizations for work in an integrated service-learning course

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need service-learning?

Some programs require one or two experiential learning courses to graduate - 1-credit service-learning counts as such. Otherwise, you may not need service-learning to graduate, but it is strongly recommended. 

What’s the cost of a 1-credit service-learning course?

$267 (Missouri resident) and $572 (Non-Missouri resident). For more information, visit the office of the Registrar: Detailed Tuition and Fees - Office of the Registrar - Missouri State University

Can I count the 40 hours of service towards my scholarship hours?

16 hours can be counted toward service hours for scholarships, as set by the Financial Aid office: Financial Aid - Missouri State University

Why are there two types of service-learning courses?

The two types of service-learning allow professors and students different options for getting experiential learning. Because it requires direct contact to start, 1-credit service-learning is what we are talking about the most on this webpage. But you can learn more on our "about" page: About - Citizenship and Service-Learning - Missouri State

Do I get a letter grade for the 1-credit service-learning course?

It depends on which department the course is offered through. Some receive letter grades and count toward your GPA while others receive a Pass/No Pass grade and do not count towards your GPA. Your advisor will be able to help you figure this out.

Can I take multiple service-learning courses in a semester?

Yes, as long as you are also enrolled in the corresponding designate courses and are able to complete the 40 hours of service for each 1-credit course you take.

What am I graded on for the service-learning course?

Completion of the 40 hours of service and a reflection assignment given by your professor. They may also take into consideration the performance evaluation from your supervisor at the organization you partner with.

Can I do my service-learning at more than 1 organization?

Yes, but we advise you to limit to no more than 2 so you have enough time to spend at the organizations and get a good overall experience.