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Typical basic costs

The following table provides typical basic costs for an undergraduate student living on campus, both for a semester (14 hours) and for an academic year (fall and spring semesters combined, 28 hours). This chart is based on 2021-22 tuition and fees.

  Missouri resident
14 credit hours
(one semester)
Missouri resident
28 credit hours
(fall and spring semesters)
Non-Missouri resident
14 credit hours
(one semester)
Non-Missouri resident
28 credit hours
(fall and spring semesters)
Tuition and fees* $4,147 $8,294 $4,147 $8,294
Out-of-state tuition $0 $0 $4,102** $8,204**
Housing and meals (average)*** $4,718 $9,436 $4,718 $9,436
Books and supplies**** $600 $1,200 $600 $1,200
Total $9,465 $18,930 $13,567 $27,134

* Costs shown are based on 14 credit hours per semester using the basic tuition of $257 per credit hour for Missouri residents ($550 for nonresidents) and include student services fees ($549 per semester for full-time students). Some programs charge additional fees for their courses and some courses have supplemental fees.
** You may qualify for an out-of-state tuition waiver to cover this amount.
*** The housing and meals rate shown is representative. The university offers a wide range of options. For details on residence halls and housing and meals costs visit
**** The cost of books and supplies will vary based on factors such as a student’s course load, the decision to buy new or used books and whether books are resold at the end of the semester.

You should also plan for your personal expenses. The office of student financial aid establishes a cost of attendance that is used in making financial aid awards. It includes the above costs and an estimate for personal expenses.

Actual expenses vary by student, based on credit hours, academic program, lifestyle and other factors.

Helping you save money

Missouri State is ranked among the lowest for student loan debt in Missouri and the nation.

Cost of tuition


For most Missouri high-need students


Of Missouri State graduates

Typical costs

Our total costs are lower than most other universities in the state and well below the national average.

Source: CollegeBoard Trends in College Pricing and Student Aid 2020; Calculated estimates based on 28 credit hours

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