Faculty/Staff Forms

Paper Forms

  • Acknowledgment of Confidentiality Regulations is a standardized form a department may use as a written agreement for any employees (i.e., full-time, part-time, student) who have access to private/confidential information.
  • Administrative Withdrawal due to Class Disruption form is used by the instructor to request an administrative withdrawal of a student due to class disruption.
  • Course Exception (course substitution, course waiver, advisor approved course list) form is used to substitute a course required for a major or minor with an alternate course, to waive a course requirement, and to approve an "advisor approved" list of courses within a major or minor.
  • Credit by Assessment form is used by academic departments to award credit for passing a departmental examination.
  • Degree Program Application form is required for a student to be admitted to a major that has specific admission requirements.
  • Dual Credit Student's Change to Transcripted Course form is to be used by the Dual Credit office to request a change be made to a dual credit student’s transcript record.
  • Incomplete Grade, Assignment of form may be used by the instructor to indicate what a student must do to complete the class and how the completed work would affect the final grade.
  • Mixed Credit form is used to approve registration in a graduate-level class for undergraduate students in an accelerated master's program.
  • Personalized Minor form is used to approve a personalized minor.
  • Reduced or Subsidized Tuition Class Request form is used by departments to request reduced or subsidized tuition for a class.
  • Repeat, Authorization to form is used to authorize using a substitute course for a subsequent repeat or to grant permission to exceed the repeatable limit of a course.
  • Temporary Removal of a DG or DX Hold (formerly Temporary Clearance to Register) will now be processed as an electronic workflow and requested by students, or their advisors, through My Missouri State. For instructions on how to do this, visit the Requesting a DG or DX Hold Removal Experts page.
  • Thesis Course to Non-Thesis Project/Seminar course, Change form is used by departments to request a thesis course be changed to a non-thesis project/seminar for a graduate student on his/her transcript record..

Online Forms (BearPass Login Required)

The Grade Change Authorization, Incomplete Grade Extension, Instructor Drop, Prerequisite Drop, Reporting Non-Attendance, and Transfer Credit Reevaluation and Preapproval forms can all be accessed on the Teaching and Advising tab of My Missouri State.