BSN to Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree Plan

The BSN to DNP will prepare you to become a family nurse practitioner, ready to help underserved populations with primary care. You will reach the highest clinical level of your profession and serve as a leader in your practice.

Get experience without leaving campus through a clinical rotation in our on-campus clinic MSU Care, which serves people without insurance. All of our students complete a quality improvement project where you will make system-level changes, improve patient outcomes, and improve provider practices.

Program requirements

The program includes 83 credit hours that prepares graduates to practice in the family nurse practitioner role. It is available to students living in Missouri. The program can be completed in three years of full-time study. Part-time study is an option for the first year of the BSN to DNP program.

You will attend online and seated classes. It features a seated course one day a week. Get the opportunity to interact with fellow students and faculty and have support through the most difficult courses We save you time by placing you in the clinical rotation and matching you with a preceptor in Springfield who can serve as a professional mentor.

Our faculty are on campus the day of the seated course, and you have access to resources, like our library and labs and supplies.

BSN to Doctor of Nursing Practice degree plans