Program Requirements

Clinical Experiences

Clinical FNP experiences for BSN to DNP students are individually arranged with preceptors, who have the appropriate educational and experiential qualifications. Students can complete their clinical experiences in their local community if sites and preceptors are approved by the School of Nursing. However, students should plan to travel outside of the local community for clinical experiences. All clinical sites and preceptors must be approved in advance by the FNP Program Coordinator and a contract must be established with the clinical site before any clinical experiences occur.

Requirements on Campus

BSN to DNP students are required to be on campus for seated classes a minimum of one day a week, with potential for additional days depending on requirements of the course.

Post-Master's DNP students are required to be on campus a minimum of one to two times during the program. The date and times for these on-campus visits will be published annually, prior to the start of the academic year.


Technical Requirements

The Missouri State University BSN to DNP Program uses a combination of online and on-campus modalities. Didactic online content may be delivered using asynchronous and synchronous formats. Applicants to the DNP program must be proficient using online learning management systems, word processing, spreadsheet management, and presentation graphics software. Students are expected to be able to manage files, navigate the internet, access resources, locate scholarly references from the library, and use a headset/microphone, computer camera, scanner and fax machine. Students who have deficiencies in these areas must seek training before the start of the program. The School of Nursing uses a Blackboard course management system for all courses. Additionally, web conferencing software is used for synchronous course offerings and other experiences. Specific information on web conferencing software used in class will be provided in the course syllabus. Access to a personal computer/laptop with broadband/high speed internet connections, a web camera, and a headset with microphone are required.