Student Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes for the Doctor of Nursing Practice program

  • Graduates will incorporate a scientific, deliberate approach to advanced nursing practice and clinical scholarship to improve the health and health care of individuals, groups and populations, with special emphasis on rural and vulnerable populations.
  • Graduates will demonstrate advanced skills in communication, critical thinking, translational research and nursing practice to address the quality of health and safety of healthcare delivery to individuals, groups and populations.
  • Graduates will implement the advanced practice nursing roles as practitioner, leader, innovator, clinical scholar, healthcare advocate and collaborator to address the current and future health and healthcare delivery needs at the individual, group, population and system level.
  • Graduates will evaluate, synthesize and apply scientific evidence from multiple disciplines to improve and transform health care and health care outcomes.
  • Graduates will develop evidence-based clinical prevention and population health approaches to influence nursing practice, healthcare and health policy at the system to global levels.
  • Graduates will demonstrate professional development and skills for life-long learning as a nurse leader and advanced practice nurse.
  • Graduates will use a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to decrease or eliminate health disparities in diverse and vulnerable populations.
  • Graduates will incorporate technology into health care systems to transform practice, health care delivery and health policy.
  • Graduates will demonstrate advanced practice leadership through the incorporation of ethical, cultural, social, political and economic strategies to transform health systems.