Facilities and Resources

Going above and beyond the rest

As a nursing student, you have access to great facilities and resources.

Get ready for your profession with the best training possible.

Our home: O'Reilly Clinical Health Sciences Center

Opened in 2015, the O’Reilly Clinical Health Sciences Center has it all.

Labs. Facilities and equipment. High-tech classrooms and study spaces.

Experience the cutting edge of health care education here: We’re always adding new features.

Simulation lab

Gain confidence in the state-of-the-art simulation laboratory.

Features include:

  • HD video system to record your skill performance.
  • High-tech mannequins in every stage of life.
  • Patient rooms and observation areas.

Work in teams to simulate a real-life scenario where you take care of the patient’s needs. Play the role of nurse or family member to know how to handle any situation.

Skills lab

Three nursing students working on a fake patient in a skills lab.

This revamped lab – more than twice the previous size – gives you the space to develop your skills.

Features include:

  • Individual patient areas with hospital beds or clinical tables.
  • A learning area computer and projection capabilities.