Jazz Performance Track

Two students performing in a jazz ensemble

Develop your full potential in this extraordinary music genre

As a student in this program, you will develop artistic talents through the study of jazz history, jazz improvisation, jazz theory/keyboard skills, jazz composition and arranging.

This degree prepares top-flight young musicians for careers as professional composers, performers and arrangers in the ever-growing jazz and commercial music areas. For those who desire to continue developing their knowledge in the field, the program will prepare them for successful auditions into graduate school.

The jazz performance focus consists of 46-47 hours in addition to the core requirements for the Bachelor of Music degree:

  • Jazz Studies (14 hours)
  • Jazz Theory/Jazz Keyboard Skills (2 hours): MUS 119(2)
  • Jazz Improvisation (6 hours): MUS 219(2), 220(2), 319(2)
  • Jazz History (3 hours): MUS 347(3)
  • Jazz Arranging (3 hours): MUS 526(3) Jazz section only
  • Advanced Music History (6 hours) select from: MUS 543(3), 544(3), 545(3), 546(3), 547(3)
  • Advanced Music Theory (6-7 hours) select from: MUS 313(2), 314(2), 315(2), 327(2), 328(2), 529(3)
  • Large Ensemble-Jazz (4 hours) as determined by audition: Select from: MUS 174(1), 274(1), 374(1), 474(1)
  • Small Ensemble-Jazz Symposium (6 hours) as determined by audition: Select from: MUS 172(1), 272(1), 372(1), 472(1) Jazz section only
  • Applied Music (10 hours), must include MUS 398(2-4) and MUS 498(2-4)

Jazz Festival

Register your school ensemble(s) for the MSU Jazz Fest on February 24, 2018. Join us for a great day of jazz performance and education, featuring outstanding adjudicators, and our featured guest artist/clinicians Mike Williams, with the Count Basie Orchestra, Glenn Kostur, formerly with Maynard Ferguson, and Jim Riggs, Regents Professor Emeritus at the University of North Texas.