One-Credit | 40 Hours | Reflection Assigment

In the component course, students have the option of enrolling in a separate, but attached, one-credit course. The student who chooses the service-learning component course is required to complete 40 hours with or for a community partner.  The student must also complete a reflection requirement assigned by the instructor. The reflection piece may be a semester-long journal, final paper, or oral presentation to the class. You decide the most effective method for evaluating student learning using a reflection requirement.


Embedded Coursework | 15 Hours | Service Meets Course Objectives

In an integrated course, the service-learning element should be embedded into the coursework and fits the couse's learning objectives. Technically, every student in the classroom has a minimum service-learning time requirement of 15 hours with or for a community partner, but student or instructors are not required to track hours like they do with a component course. The instructor chooses if the class will work together as a team, in groups, or as individuals.

Service-Learning Student Learning Outcomes

Please use these SLOs to help guide your instruction of a service-learning course. Outcomes were adapted from the AACC-Improving Student Learning Outcomes with Service-Learning, and include the Missouri State University Public Affairs Mission course outcomes.