Assessment Resources

NILOA Model - Assessment Resources

Assessment resources encompass information or training provided to faculty and staff to help them understand, develop, implement, communicate, and use evidence of student learning.

Use the links below to navigate to the resource you wish to find. 

General Education

On this page you will find Missouri State University's General Education goals and learning outcomes. Learn how they tie to course groups, and find a list of course coordinators. 

Periodic Reviews and Annual Reports

Find everything you need to know to complete your periodic review or annual report, including submission forms, timelines, and templates.  


Find faculty-developed general education rubrics, public affairs rubrics, and access all 16 AAC&U VALUE rubrics. See our assessment toolkit for more information. 

Assessment Meetings

Have you ever struggled with conducting an assessment meeting in your department? Review our "one meeting a semester to assess student learning," a sample data collection plan, and more. 

Public Affairs Toolkit

Explore a digital resource featuring content created by MSU faculty, furthering the university effort to share the practices and methods of embedding public affairs across all disciplines. 

Assessment Toolkit

Assessment doesn't have to be hard. Explore some of our go-to tools for making assessment easier and more meaningful.