Public Affairs Toolkit

The Public Affairs Toolkit is a digital resource for Missouri State featuring content created by MSU faculty, furthering the university effort to share the practices and methods by which we embed public affairs across all disciplines. Click the "Example Assignments" tab for coursework that MSU faculty have developed based on the Public Affairs Pillars. Click on "Signature Works" to view published material on Public Affairs topics. 

Signature Works

Public Affairs Signature Works

This section is a collection of published works that connect with one or all of the three pillars of public affairs: Cultural Competency, Ethical Leadership and Community Engagement.

Article Author(s) Pillar(s)
Taking Calculated Risks: The Story of the Cannibal Mothers Victor Matthews Ethical Leadership
Study Abroad and Moral Development


Andrew B. Johnson, MSU

Danielle R. Hathcock, OTC 

Community Engagement

Cultural Competency

 Service-Learning in an Introductory Course in Construction Management

Dr. Steven W. McCrary

Dr. Dane Peterson

Dr. Shawn Strong

Community Engagement
 A Primer for Applying Service Learning to Computer Science

Pete Sanderson

Ken Vollmar

Community Engagement