University Exit Exam

University Exit Exam is available on Blackboard

Important Information

The University Exit Exam is a graduation requirement for all undergraduate students at Missouri State. It should be completed during your final semester as a student.

The exam will become available in a student's Blackboard account under "My Courses" and "University Exit Exam" upon successful completion of 102 credit hours.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the University Exit Exam during the semester of their graduation. This exam needs to be completed by the last day of classes of a student's final semester to satisfy graduation eligibility requirements. After passing completion of the exam, the graduation requirement will be met and this will be reflected in the student's degree audit within 5 full business days.

The University Exit Exam opens each semester after the first full week of classes. After the exam appears on your Blackboard site, you will be able to access and complete it. For best performance, please use a desktop or laptop computer with a wired internet connection rather than a tablet or smartphone. Some students have reported difficulty completing the exam on smaller devices, and Computer Services strongly recommends any assessments within Blackboard be completed using a wired internet connection. 

Need Help?

Instructions for completing the graduation requirement are available on Blackboard under “My Courses” by clicking on “University Exit Exam.”

Please contact Sue McCrory, Testing Center Coordinator, at 417-836-6120 or email for any further questions.

How the University Exit Exam Works

All undergraduate students on the Springfield campus take the Exam prior to graduation.

  • Please allow about about 30 minutes for completion.
  • The first portion is the Senior Survey, consisting primarily of questions concerning the student's plans post-graduation.
  • The second portion includes the Public Affairs Scale and Public Affairs Essays. The scale consists of approximately 36 items that the student will rank on a Likert scale based on experiences at Missouri State University. The essay portion asks students to share thoughts on the university's public affairs mission related to student experiences at the university.
  • The exam must be completed during a single semester. 

UPDATE* As of January 2019, Missouri State University will no longer use the ETS Proficiency Profile. 

How It's Used

Questions in the Exit Exam will inquire about experiences related to the university’s public affairs mission and plans after graduation.

Feedback on students' experience at Missouri State is essential. Student responses to the University Exit Exam are evaluated by university committees as well as individual colleges and departments. Results of these evaluations and student thoughts inform instruction and planning decisions across the entire university.

The University Exit Exam is used to assess student learning in general education and is a Key Performance Indicator. Missouri State also uses the information to assess how much student learning relates to the university’s statewide mission in public affairs.


Missouri State University is committed to providing an accessible and supportive environment for students with disabilities. Our office works collaboratively with other offices on campus to ensure that students are provided with appropriate accommodations to fulfill the University Exit Exam graduation requirement. Students requesting academic accommodations for a disability are responsible for notifying the University of their disability and their request for accommodations.

  • To initiate a request for academic accommodations, students must contact the Disability Resource Center, Meyer Library 111, 417-836-4192 (voice) or 417-836-6792 (TTY),
  • Students with learning disabilities who need accommodations for the University Exit Exam requirement should contact the Learning Diagnostic Clinic (LDC), Meyer Alumni Center, 300 S Jefferson, Suite 502, 417-836-4787,
  • Students who need access to assistive technology for the University Exit Exam requirement will be referred to the Access Technology Center (ATC), Meyer Library, rooms 201B-201G, 417-836-4275 (voice) or 417-836-6792 (TTY),