Key Performance Indicators

  • Provost's Performance Spotlight

    The Performance Spotlight offers a quick overview, while the KPI website/dashboards provide a more comprehensive analysis.

  • Total Enrollment

    MSU’s total enrollment has grown by 0.61% over the past five-years growing from 24,116 to 24,163.

  • IPEDS Enrollment Diversity

    Compared to five years ago, MSU’s IPEDS enrollment diversity increased to 10.3% in the historically underrepresented category from 2,939 to 3,242.

  • Undergraduate Retention of First-Time Full-Time New in College Students

    Retention rates have remained steady between 77% and 79% over the past 5-years.

  • Undergraduate 6-Year Graduation Rate

    Undergraduate Graduation Rates have increased 3.7% from 54.2% to 57.9% over the past five years.

  • Degrees and Certificates Awarded

    The combined total number of degrees and certificates awarded over the past five years has increased 26.2% from 4,513 to 5,696.

  • Student Success After Graduation

    MSU continues to exceed the State of Missouri’s benchmark for both Knowledge Rate and Annual Success Ratio.

  • Expenditures on Core Mission of Teaching, Research and Service

    The percent of expenditures of MSU’s Core Mission remains at a steady 69%.

  • External Grants and Contracts

    Grants and contracts enhance the capacity for the University to achieve its mission through education, research and service projects.

  • Undergraduate Cost of Attendance

    Over the past 5 years, undergraduate cost of attendance of in-state students has increased 12.4% to $7,938 while the cost of attendance has increased 19.2% for out-of-state undergraduate students to $16,608.

  • Full Time Faculty by Race/ Ethnicity

    The percentage of historically underrepresented full-time faculty and staff has increased 2.3% from 7.1% to 9.4% over the past year.

  • Faculty Scholarship

    Advancement of knowledge through research is an integral component within University functions and remains a key component of the tenure and promotion process.

  • SEM

    Strategic Enrollment Management Goals

  • SEM Enrollment Goals

    Goal for total enrollment increase of 5% by 2026

  • SEM Retention Goals

    Goal for an overall retention rate of 82.2% by 2026

  • SEM Awards Goals

    Goal for an increase of 1.8% in degrees and certificates awarded by 2026

  • SEM Undergraduate Loan Debt Goal

    Goal to decrease the average undergraduate student loan debt by 5% from baseline


New KPI dashboards are provided this year to offer the Board of Governors, institutional stakeholders, and others support in the identification of areas for improvement, setting goals, and designing and implementing initiatives. Each dashboard will allow the user to filter aggregate numbers across a variety of student characteristics.