User Agreement

All candidates using the Testing Center must sign and date a Testing Center Rules Agreement. The actual User Agreement may contain more restrictions/requirements than the ones listed below. 

Please review the following User Agreement and contact the test administrator if you have any questions. Signing this document at the Testing Center indicates your understanding of and agreement to the following conditions:

  • Valid (non-expired) identification is required for all exams. NO EXCEPTIONS ARE PERMITTED. Valid ID options include a state or federal government issued ID with photo AND signature, or, for academic exams only, a BearPass ID.  Expired IDs or those that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted.
  • Appointments will be held no longer than 15 minutes past the scheduled time. Academic exam candidates who arrive after their appointment time must sign a “time forfeit” form stating their understanding they will not be given the full amount of time for their test due to their late arrival, and instructors will be notified. Candidates who arrive after the late arrival deadline may not be seated, at the discretion of the Testing Center Coordinator. Candidates for non-academic exams will be held to the requirements for their particular test.
  • Keep noise to a minimum while entering, exiting, or in the Testing Center to avoid disturbing others.
    • Noise-cancelling headphones with disposable covers and disposable earplugs are available for any candidate upon request.
  • Personal belongings must be secured the lockers provided. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Bags, purses, cases, sunglasses, hats, or backpacks
    • Jackets, coats, hoodies, sweaters, etc. Hoodies are strictly prohibited in the Testing Center; candidates may be asked to change clothes or reschedule their exam.
    • Mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth devices, calculators (unless specifically permitted by an exam), external drives, or any device that can transmit or receive a wireless signal, other than those that are medically necessary.
    • Any removable jewelry that is larger than ¼” in diameter or width.
    • Any non-religious scarves, headbands, barrettes, hair clips or similar items that are more than ½” in width or diameter.
    • DVDs, CD/ROMs, USB drives, memory sticks, or other storage media.
    • Watches of any type, fitness trackers, or other similar items are not permitted.
    • Food, drink, candy, or gum. Food, drink, candy, or gum are all prohibited in the testing room.
  • Pockets must be emptied, and contents stored in a locker prior to being seated for an exam.
  • LOCKERS MUST BE LOCKED. We are not responsible for improperly secured personal property.
  • Only one calculator per candidate will be permitted unless otherwise specifically permitted by the exam parameters. The Testing Center has a limited number of 4-function and scientific calculators which may be checked out, exam parameters permitting.
  • Only Testing Center issued pens/pencils/markers are allowed. Users must refrain from placing these items in their mouth.
  • Scratch paper and note boards are issued by Testing Center personnel; unless specifically allowed by a given exam, candidates may not use their own scratch paper/notes.
  • “Brain dumping” (in academic integrity, this is defined as the practice of writing as much information as possible on scratch paper or a note board prior to starting an exam) is not permitted for vendor exams where specifically prohibited by those exams. The general exception to this policy is academic exams unless the instructor has specifically prohibited this practice. 
  • Children and/or guests are not allowed in the testing room. Children under 18 may not be left unattended in the waiting room or in any area of the Library.
  • Leaving the testing room once admitted is prohibited other than designated breaks if permitted by a specific exam.  This includes restroom breaks. Restroom breaks may require an escort and are only permitted if allowed by a specific exam.
  • Test candidates are responsible for ensuring they have parked legally and, if using a metered space, that they have allowed enough time to complete their exam. Candidates are not permitted to leave the Testing Center to add funds to a parking meter.
  • Candidates are always under physical and/or electronic surveillance (video and/or software) while in the Testing Center.
  • Hands must remain above the top of the desk and feet must remain on the floor at all times in the testing room. If on camera, candidates must always remain fully in camera view.
  • Shoes must remain on feet at all times.
  • Call buttons are provided at most workstations for use in getting assistance from testing staff.  If you need assistance at your workstation during your exam, please press the call button – a member of our staff will be there shortly.
  • If issued an “erasable” note board, candidates will not use body fluids such as saliva to “erase” writing – “erasable” means with alcohol by testing staff, not the test candidate. Press the call button for a replacement note board.
  • Computers in the testing center consist of a combination monitor/computer. Do not move the monitor/computer without assistance from testing center staff, as this may cause an interruption of your exam or testing session, which may not be recoverable. 
  • If a computer is turned off or unplugged by the candidate, the exam may not be restarted. Restarts are at the discretion of the vendor (if a non-academic exam), the instructor (if academic) and testing center staff. 
  • Candidates will comply with all proctoring requirements for any given exam and adhere to Missouri State University policies and academic integrity guidelines for academic and non-academic exams.
  • All exams, academic or non-academic, must be completed no later than 15 minutes prior to the posted closing time for the Testing Center for that date. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Candidates must follow any other directions as given by a proctor or other member of Testing Center staff or testing services will be refused.

Questions or concerns?

Contact the Testing Center Coordinator at or by phone at 417-836-6120.