Test Dates and Locations

Date Day Time Location Deadline to Apply
July 15   Monday 12:30 Karls Hall 101 June 2, 2019
September 21 Saturday 8:30 LIBR 010B TBA
November 25 Monday 12:30 LIBR 010B TBA
January 13 Monday 12:30 LIBR 010B TBA


Pre-registration is required.  For information, call (215) 968-1001.  The LSAT code for Missouri is 7006.

Test Results

Visit the LSAT website to read about how to obtain your test results.


Contact the testing company to request accommodations.


Please refer to your admissions ticket for the latest and most accurate information about your exam date.  If you have additional questions, please contact the Testing Technician, Kevin Wilson, by email or by telephone at 417-936-4604.