Pre-registration with LSAT is required.  For information, call (215) 968-1001.  The LSAT code for Missouri is 7006.
LSAC will continue to offer the exam via an online, live remote-proctored format (ProctorU). Candidates must still register with LSAC to take this exam. Once registered with LSAC, candidates may make an appointment with the Testing Center to use our facilities to take the exam. Steps to make an appointment are:
  1. Visit our homepage to review our operating hours.
  2. Go to the Schedule an Exam page on our website.
  3. If you are a Missouri State student (past or present), you MUST use the MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS link to make your appointment. This link requires you to log in using your BearPass credentials. If you are NOT a Missouri State student or no longer have BearPass credentials, use the GUEST ACCESS link at the bottom of the page. 
  4. On the registration page for appointments, choose LSAT as your "group"
  5. Choose "LSAT (ProctorU Version)" for your exam. 
  6. Choose a date and time that falls within our operating hours. 
  7. Complete the remainder of the form and "add to cart".
  8. Be sure you "check out" - if you do not get an email confirmaton immediately, you have not completed the process correctly. 
  9. If you are NOT a current Missouri State student, a sitting fee of $25 is required for this exam and must be paid prior to your appointment. Proof of payment may be required at the time of your appointment. 

NOTE: You do not need to bring your own equipment to the Testing Center; we will provide you with a private room and a computer to take your exam. 

Test Results

Visit the LSAT website to read about how to obtain your test results.


Contact the testing company to request accommodations.


Please refer to your admissions ticket for the latest and most accurate information about your exam date.  If you have additional questions, please contact the Testing Technician, Kevin Wilson, by email or by telephone at 417-936-4604.