Admission Requirements

To begin course work in the field of accounting, you initially need to be admitted to Missouri State. Before completing 75 credit hours, you must also be admitted to a degree program.

Admission requirements

Students in good standing are eligible to be considered for admission to a specific degree program in the College of Business upon the completion of at least 54 hours including at least ten of the following preparation courses. Up to two of the twelve courses listed may be completed during the semester of admission; however, students should make every effort to complete all of the preparation courses prior to admission.

Courses required for admission

  1. Accounting: ACC 201(3) and 211(3); or ACC 206(4)
  2. Critical and Creative Thinking Using Information Technology: ITC 200(3)
  3. Public Speaking: COM 115(3)
  4. Economics: ECO 155(3) and ECO 165(3)
  5. Writing I: ENG 105(5) or ENG 110(3)
  6. Business Communications: MGT 286(3)
  7. Mathematics: MTH 134 or higher (3-5 hours) except MTH 130 (previous number for MTH 145)
  8. Psychology: PSY 121(3)
  9. Business Statistics: QBA 237(3)
  10. Legal Environment of Business: LAW 231(3)

The admission process

To gain full admittance into the accounting program, follow the steps below:

  1. Declare or change your major to accounting by visiting the Business Advisement Center, Glass Hall 276
  2. Meet with your assigned advisor to discuss admission requirements and to develop a plan of study
  3. Begin working toward the completion of at least 10 hours from the list of preparation courses above
  4. Work with your advisor to complete the Application to a Degree Program form to update your record once you have completed at least 54 credit hours, including at least 10 hours of preparation courses

When you declare your major, you will be listed as a pre-major until you satisfy all admission requirements.