Advisors guide your academic success.

They help you register for classes, stay on track to graduate and more.

How do you get a social work advisor?

It depends on the degree program you’re in: Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) or Master of Social Work (MSW).

Undergraduate advising (BSW)

To find a BSW advisor, follow these steps:

  1. Declare or change your major to social work.
  2. Attend a BSW program information meeting.

Meet with your advisor regularly to register for class. Your advisor will help you with your interests, academic needs and career goals.

Explore BSW program information meeting schedule

Graduate advising (MSW)

You’re automatically assigned a faculty advisor when you begin the MSW program.

Your advisor is your go-to contact for scheduling, degree requirements and professional advice.

Registering for class: Advisor’s release needed

To register for class, you must receive an advisor’s release each semester. This applies to both programs (BSW, MSW).

You can meet with your advisor in person or video conference (Zoom).

After you receive your advisor’s release, you’re able to register for classes through My Missouri State.

Forgot your assigned advisor?

Access your advisor’s information through the student tab on My Missouri State.

Access My Missouri State