Human Services Minor

There's always a need for people who can help

Child welfare, senior care, drug counseling – and so much more.

In human services, you can guide people and families toward better lives. Be ready to reach out, connect and help.

Potential careers

  • Advocacy agencies
  • Community outreach
  • Employment centers
  • Family services
  • Human resource departments
  • Legal aid
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Schools

Choose your minor

Contact the Academic Advising and Transfer Center to declare a minor in human services.

Human Services

Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Music Education (Non-Certifiable)
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science in Education (Non-Certifiable)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  1. SWK 200(3), 219(3).
  2. Additional hours from the following to total at least 12 hours: SWK 330(3), SWK 365 or GER 366(3), 370(3), 375(3), SWK 470 or GER 470(3), 543(3), 595(3), 599(3); PSY 304(3), 317(3), 339(3), PSY 363 or GER 363(3), PSY 370 or GER 370(3), 505(3); CFD 155(3), 163(3), 505(3), 532(3), 562(3).


Students pursuing the Bachelor of Social Work program may not pursue the minor in Human Services.