School of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences

A student leads a counseling session as she attentively listens to her clients.

Advise, analyze and impact lives

Are you a people person? Learn how to guide and meet the needs of others.

Uncover the thought processes of clients to provide direction for behavioral, emotional and mental health problems.

Academic programs

Get a look at available degrees in the behavioral sciences.

Clients receive helpful insight from a counseling student.

Socialize with clients and offer beneficial direction to help them succeed.

A psychology graduate student tests her classmate's brain activity using an EEG.

Research problem-solving strategies. Provide support to assist people with various challenges.

Social work students Bethan Irion, Schelline Nordin, Ciara Skredenske and Alysia Wells pose for a picture during the field placement program.

Empower individuals, families and communities by identifying and countering social issues.