Facilities and Resources

Exterior view of Pummill Hall.

We’re located in the heart of campus at the renovated Pummill Hall.

Your place for learning social work

Pummill is where you learn the finer points of your future profession.

About 95% of in-person social work classes occur on the first floor of Pummill.

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A student receiving tutoring help at Meyer Library.

Other resources to support your education

Around campus and beyond, there are many more places you can go.

Enhance your research at Meyer Library

At Meyer Library, you can explore the latest findings in social work.

This spacious building has:

  • Books
  • Computer labs
  • Databases
  • Journals
  • Reference materials
  • Study lounges
  • Tutoring services (Bear CLAW)

You can access these resources at the library or online.

Explore the Social Work Subject Guide for a vast list of publications.

Find online support

Getting your social work degree online? You won’t feel left out.

Our department and MSU Online Services will give you the high-quality education all Bears receive.

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