Residency Reclassification

Spring 2024 residency reclassification application will be available in November 2023

Why reclassification?

Residency reclassification helps a student reclassify their status from non-resident to resident for tuition and fee purposes. Residency status is determined during the admissions process and is calculated based on answers provided on the admission application. Residency for tuition and fees purposes is not based on the student’s physical address. Missouri State University adheres to the policy for determination of student residency established and approved by the State of Missouri. Learn more: Residency Policy.

Application process


Fall 2023 submission deadline has passed.  

Spring 2024 residency reclassification application will be available in November 2023. Applicants should review and collect required documentation listed in Step 1 ahead of the opening of the Spring 2024 application. 


Step 1: Choose either “I am under 21” or “I am 21 or over” to review and collect all required documentation based on your age and residency situation.

I am under 21

I am 21 or over

Step 2: When application opens, submit the Residency Reclassification Application.

Step 3: Directly after submitting applicatoin, also submit all required documentation. 

Step 4: Submit both application and documentation when Spring 2024 application opens. 


Things to consider before submitting reclassification request:

  • Communication will take place with the student. If a parent or spouse has questions or concerns regarding the student’s application, the student must contact our office.
  • Reclassification will not be granted retroactively. Applications must be for a current term and before the submission deadline, or for a future term.
  • Applications that do not include the required documentation will not be reviewed. If an application is submitted without all required documentation, the student should note in the application specifically why the required documentation cannot be obtained and submitted.
  • Until the committee can review the submitted application and documentation, it is unlikely we will be able to provide answers to specific questions about your request. The committee reserves the right to request additional information or documentation at their discretion.
  • We will retain all documents. Tax documents should be submitted as requested and should not include the entire transcript.
  • For applications that require proof of employment, documentation must be official. We will not accept offers of employment, contracts, or internship documents, or student employment. Acceptable documents include:
    • Letter on company letterhead verifying full time or part time employment
    • Human resources documentation showing full time or part time employment
    • Employment documentation that specifically states that employment is full time or part time. Employment documents, such as paycheck stubs, that do not address full time/part time status may not be accepted.