Residency Reclassification for Tuition and Fee Purposes

The Fall 2024 residency reclassification application will open July 15th.

The Summer 2024 residency reclassification application is closed.

Residency reclassification allows a student who has become a Missouri resident to reclassify their status from non-resident to resident for tuition and fee purposes. Residency status is first determined during the admissions process and is determined based on answers provided on the admissions application. If a student is classified as a non-resident during admissions and later becomes a Missouri resident, they can apply for residency reclassification.


Will I qualify for residency reclassification?

If you/your spouse or your parent/guardian reside in the state of Missouri and have experienced specific circumstances after you started classes, you may already meet the requirements to be considered a Missouri resident. In these cases, you may submit an application and the required documentation so we can review and update your residency for tuition and fee purposes.

These circumstances include:

If none of these circumstances apply to you, you must first establish residency in the state of Missouri before applying for reclassification here at the university. To establish residency in the state of Missouri, you must have maintained presence in Missouri for a minimum of 12 months consecutively and have proof that you intend to make Missouri your permanent home for an indefinite period. Once you’ve established residency, you may submit an application and the required documentation so we can evaluate your residency status.

These circumstances include:

What do I need to know before applying for residency reclassification?

  • Per the state of Missouri policy, it is the student’s responsibility to apply for residency reclassification after establishing residency in state. It is also the student’s responsibility to provide proof of residency as requested by the university.

  • Residency reclassification is not retroactive. If we approve your application, your residency will be updated beginning the term for which you applied.

  • There is no appeal for the deadlines for each semester. As you prepare to submit your application and documentation, be sure you know what the deadlines are for the desired application term.

  • Your permanent address on file at the university must be a Missouri address before you submit your application. Your physical address does not decide your residency status, but if you are asking us to consider that you are a Missouri resident, your permanent address should also be updated for the university.

  • We do not accept copies of a temporary Missouri driver’s license or state of Missouri identification. You/your spouse/your parent/guardian must have a permanent Missouri driver’s license or state identification prior to your application.

  • You will be required to log in to submit your application. Your spouse or parent may not submit an application on your behalf.

  • Submitted applications will be processed within 2-3 weeks, when the university is open. Office of the Registrar staff will be unable to provide status updates regarding your application until that processing time has expired.

  • Student housing and student employment documentation is not accepted. This housing and employment is based on the fact that you are a student at the university and therefore, you cannot use them to document Missouri residency.

  • If needed, notary services for University-related business is available to students, free of charge, at the following locations. Students should call in advance to make certain the notary is available. Notary services on campus are closed when the university is closed.



Policy and Appeals

Missouri State University adheres to the policy for determination of residency for tuition and fee purposes established and approved by the State of Missouri. Learn more: Residency Policy.

Residency reclassification is a committee decision through the Office of the Registrar. Students who are unsatisfied with the decision of that committee may appeal.


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