Meet Your Personal Trainers

Makenzie Maples

Just getting started or jumping back into working out? Let me help you along your journey of improving your health as well as state of mind! Hi, my name is Makenzie Maples and I have been a certified personal trainer here at the FRC as well as a group fitness instructor and for over 2 years! I love bringing fitness into my passion for helping people and teaching new people how to stay healthy. I like to focus on strength building using weights and resistance as well as maintaining muscle mass.



Tyler Nielsen

Hey! My name is Tyler Nielsen, and I am a NASM certified Personal Trainer, ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist, and ecstatic to be the Assistant Director of Fitness & Wellness here at the Foster Recreation Center! I have worked at the Foster Recreation Center for 5 years where I have had the opportunity to train clients individually, in a group setting, and teach all intensity levels of our BearFit classes! I am passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals through sweat, intensity, and most importantly, a smile. I love making my clients feel confident in the gym and pushing them to become better versions of themselves. I cannot wait to get started with you and grow together!


Allison Kramer

Hey! My name is Allison. I am a sophomore here at Missouri State. I am majoring in Exercise & Movement Science on the Physical Therapy route. I am very passionate about strength training and living a healthy lifestyle. I became a certified personal trainer this past summer and I'm very excited to help you reach your goals, and to be there to motivate you to become your highest self!


Abby Scyoc

“Hello! My name is Abby Scyoc, and I am a certified personal trainer and BearFit instructor here at the FRC! I was a competitive softball player my entire life and when that came to an end, I found my passion for exercise and helping others reach their fitness goals. I want to help more people feel comfortable and guide them to find their confidence to walk out and own the workout floor. I specialize in gaining muscle and reducing body fat through hard work, consistency, and a smile across your face. Let's grow and get stronger together!”


Brielle Okenfuss

Hi! My name is Brielle and I'm a graduate student in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program here at MSU! I received my bachelor's in Exercise & Movement Science from Missouri State, and I'm a NASM certified Personal Trainer. I was a competitive gymnast growing up, and after retiring I found a passion for weightlifting. I love helping others learn and become more confident in the gym! I'm excited to help students, faculty, and staff promote their health and progress toward their goals.

TJ Reigner

My name is TJ Reigner. I am a FitTour Certified Personal Trainer. I have been training clients for over 2 years, and my specialties are bodybuilding and functional strength training. I am most passionate about improving the lives of my clients through fitness. I am eager and excited to get to work!

Zak Wilson

Hi! My name is Zak Wilson. I am a Certified Personal Trainer here at the FRC. My background is playing college football and having the privilege to train with collegiate and professional athletes. I am motivated and passionate to get you to where you want to be. I understand working out is not enjoyable for everyone, but I promise to try my hardest to make it as fun as it can be. I come to the gym every day with a positive attitude ready to help you get to where you want to be. I like to incorporate all different types of exercising so that I can tailor your exercises and workouts to fit your fitness goals.

Robert Shifrin

My name is Rob and I am the Graduate Assistant of Fitness & Wellness at the Foster Recreation Center and a student in the Masters of Athletic Training program at Missouri State! I am passionate about health, strength, and conditioning, and injury prevention. I can promise you that I will always bring energy and a positive attitude to the FRC and I hope that you do too!

Ian Hornbeck

Hi, my name Ian Hornbeck, and I am a FitTour certified personal trainer at the Foster Recreation Center! I am a third-year finance major with a passion for fitness. I have been working out since I was 15 years old and have learned a few tips and tricks along the way. My mom is a NASM certified personal trainer in which I could credit her for a lot of the fitness knowledge I have. Along my 7-year fitness journey I have trained many friends and family members, and now I am looking forward to training you! The only thing I love more than reaching my fitness goals is helping others reach theirs!

Luke Guinn

Hello, my name is Luke Guinn. I am a FiTour certified personal trainer. My major is exercise and movement science and I am currently a junior at Missouri state. To me, working out is a great way to boost confidence, obtain discipline, and make the rest of your life easier. I specialize in bodybuilding, powerlifting, and sport specific training. I have a passion for inspiring others and helping them achieve their goals.