Camp Claw Information and Documents

As a Camper I Will

  • Be safe! Always obey facility rules, staff commands, and pool rules.  

  • Know and follow the rules of camp. 

  • Show respect to other campers and treat them as well as I would like to be treated and try to be a friend to all. 

  • Have fun, but NOT at the expense of others. 

  • Show respect to camp staff and cooperate fully with their instructions. 

  • Respect the rights of others and teat others with courtesy and consideration.  

  • Communicate in an appropriate manner, which means I must not use foul language or gestures, harsh words, or tone of voice.  

  • Conduct myself responsibly. I understand that unwelcome teasing or other unkind behaviors are not allowed. 

  • Refrain from deliberately causing bodily harm to other campers or staff.  

  • Respect the property of others and camp, which includes no stealing, property damage, graffiti, or vandalism. 

  • Always remain with the group unless camp staff give permission. 

  • Remember that physical displays of affection or of a romantic nature are not allowed under any circumstances.  

  • Be fully responsible for my actions and understand that irresponsible behavior will result in disciplinary action or dismissal from cap. 

  • Have lots of fun, learn, grow, and have a great time!