Patrons and guests have the responsibility to provide proper Missouri State identification or purchase a day pass to gain access to the Foster Recreation Center. Patrons and guests must read, understand and abide by all policies and regulations of the FRC and respond to and cooperate with Campus Recreation team members.

MSU students must show proof of membership by presenting a valid BearPass Card to gain access into the FRC. MSU students must show their BearPass Card to participate in Rec Sports. BearPass Cards and FRC membership cards are the property of Missouri State. Misuse of such cards to gain facility access is not permitted. Campus Recreation will retrieve misused ID cards and ask the person(s) to leave the facility. Misuse of an ID card may also result in loss of membership privileges.

Foster Recreation Center Policy Manual

All patrons and guests should be aware that

  • Campus Recreation, a division of student affairs, and Missouri State are not responsible for injuries incurred during an intramural, recreational, aquatics, outdoor, wellness, fitness or other activity. Campus Recreation will provide first aid if possible and, along with campus safety, if necessary, will solicit transportation to a hospital. Medical expenses are the responsibility of the participant.
  • Participants should know and be able to meet the physical demands of any activity in which they are to engage. Each activity has a certain degree of risk; some more than others. Campus Recreation STRONGLY recommends all students and/or members not covered by health and accident insurance to purchase student insurance.
  • Aggressive, disorderly, illegal or inappropriate behavior or conduct is prohibited and may result in membership loss, a report to the dean of students and/or involvement of safety and emergency personnel. The Code of Students Rights and Responsibilities applies to all students participating in campus recreation facilities and programs.
  • Food is prohibited in activity spaces. Alcohol, gum, tobacco products and illegal substances are prohibited.
  • All guests must be escorted by a FRC member and purchase a guest pass
  • Any FRC member can only have the maximum of three guests.
  • All students under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by their parent (FRC Waiver)
  • The FRC may not be used for private instruction.
  • Picture taking and/or videotaping requires written authorization. Stop by the Welcome Desk.
  • In the event of an injury, an accident, illness or uncomfortable situation, please notify a campus recreation team member. In the event that blood is involved in an injury, participation cannot continue until the wound is properly cleaned and dressed, and any clothing with blood should be removed.