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A&OER Statewide Leadership Summit Presentations

The following materials were provided as part of a state-wide summit of two and four year public institutions hosted by the University of Missouri at Columbia on making course materials more affordable. The approaches presented at this summit include open educational resources (OER), partnering with publishers, and working closely with both the bookstore and library to create the best options for students. (Download PowerPoint viewer to view presentations.)

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Prices Change, Freedom is Forever

Presented by Nicole Finkbeiner
Associate Director, Institutional Relations, OpenStax

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State and Federal OER Policy

Presented by Katie Steen
Open Education Policy Manager, SPARC

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A&OER Bookstore Perspective Available and open educational resources

Affordable and Open Education Resources

Sherry Pollard, Director, Univ. of Missouri Campus Stores
Dale Sanders, Senior Associate Director, Univ. of Missouri Campus Stores

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Why Libraries?

Statewide A&OER Efforts of Libraries

Presented by Grace Atkins
Outreach and Open Education Librarian, University of Missouri

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