Committee Members

The purpose of the Textbook Cost Reduction Committee is to investigate how we might present options for both lowering cost for text books and addressing accessibility tied to ADA in our larger section classes, we will convene with the help of folks in the bookstore and others and move forward. This committee reports to the Office of the Provost.


  • Chris Craig, COE, Chair
  • LeAnn Brazeal, COM, COAL
  • Sam (Robert) Brown, MTH, CNAS
  • Christie Cathey, PSY, CHHS
  • Sara Henary, PLS, CHPA
  • Lyon Hough, BMS, CHHS
  • Elizabeth King, CEFS, COE
  • Phillip Lancaster, AGR, COAG
  • Kristeena Larou, Disability Resource Center
  • Stan Leasure, FERM, COB
  • Helena Metzker, CHM, CNAS
  • Eric Nelson, History
  • Puneet Prakash, FERM, COB
  • Priscilla Skeeters, Bookstore
  • Josh Smith, BMS, CHHS
  • Ben Timson, BMS, CHHS
  • Julia Troche, HST, CHPA
  • Brooke Whisenhunt, PSY, CHHS