Student Teaching Information and Resources

Student Teaching Information

Application Submission Deadlines

Fall - February 1

Spring - August 1

Access to Student Teaching Application

The online application can be accessed by going to My Missouri State -> Teacher Education Resources card/box-> Student Teaching Application

Student Teaching Dates

Student teaching begins and ends with the MSU academic calendar. Student teaching may begin earlier with permission from the placement school and the teacher candidate's program.

Online applications must be submitted by the deadline listed below. Late applications must be approved by the teacher candidate’s department/program coordinator.

Student Teaching Resources

Assessments & Forms

  • Missouri Educator Evaluation System (MEES)
    A passing score must be earned on the MEES performance assessment in order to be recommended for certification. The teacher candidate must obtain a combined (Cooperating Teacher and University Supervisor) summative MEES score of 42 in order to meet DESE certification requirements. Teacher candidates are required to obtain the passing score set by DESE at the time of their certification. Visit with your Cooperating Teacher and University Supervisor for more information about the MEES performance assessment.
  • Missouri Content Assessments (MoCA)
    Candidates must attempt the Missouri Content Assessment (MoCA) for certification area prior to student teaching (some programs require that the MoCA be passed prior to student teaching) and the appropriate MoCA must be passed in order to be recommended for certification.
  • Education Student Assessment
  • Student Teaching Forms