Substitute Certificates

Steps to Obtain a Substitute Certificate

  1. Before applying for a substitute certificate, ensure that a DESE Online Profile has been created. Once that step is complete, follow the process below to apply for a Substitute Certificate.
  2. Log in to DESE Web Applications with user ID and password, then choose "Educator Certification System".
  3. Find "Applications" in the left menu and choose "Substitute Certificate". Complete the Substitute Certificate application from the DESE profile choosing "Content Substitute" as the type of application . A processing fee of $50.00 is required which may be paid by credit/debit card. Additional information from the DESE website can be accessed through Substitute Certification Application Procedure.
  4. Obtain a DESE FBI Fingerprinting background check using registration code 2301.
  5. Obtain original transcripts from ALL institutions attended.
  • Log into My Missouri State > My Transcripts box/card > Official Transcript Request
  • Transcript Ordering Site - Select "Access the Transcript Ordering Site"
  • Available Credentials - Select "Transcript Mailed". Select "Order"
  • Set Delivery Destination - Select "I'm sending to myself or another individual" at the bottom of the page, then select "I am sending this order to another individual"
  • Set Delivery Destination continued - Complete cells under "Recipient Information" as follows: Educator Certification, PO Box 480, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0480. Select "Continue"
  • Items Details - For "Purpose", select "Other" from pull down menu.
    • Choose Shipping Method from pull down menu.
    • Select "Add An Attachment" after creating a WORD document with full name and Educator ID number (found on your DESE profile).
  • Complete "Signature" and payment. There is a $10.00 charge for the transcript.
  • NOTE: A Parchment account may need to be created as part of the transcript ordering process.
  • A transcript may also be obtained by going to the Registrar's office in Carrington Hall, Room 320. 

The Substitute Certificate application is the only application needed in order to obtain a substitute certificate. Do not complete any other applications at this time, as they will be returned.