Questions to Ask

Things to know before you go

  1. Some districts have additional requirements for trainings, compliance documents, etc.  Teacher candidates should ask their cooperating teacher about any additional requirements in their initial contact.
  2. What are current Covid-19 guidelines and protocols?
  3. Where can I find the school district and building policies?
    1. Can I get a copy of a Student Handbook and school calendar?
    2. Are name badges required?
    3. Is there designated parking and, if so, where do I register my vehicle?
  4. What are my required hours? What is my daily schedule?
  5. How do I notify the school and the teacher if I have a personal illness or personal emergency and have to miss student teaching?

First meeting questions

  1. What are the procedures for emergencies such as fire drills, tornado drills, bomb threats and intruders? Lunch? Dismissal?
  2. What is the district pronoun policy? If the district does not have a policy, how should I respond to student pronoun requests?
  3.  Are there gender neutral restrooms and where are they located?
  4. What extra duties will I have during the school day?
  5. What, if any, additional expectations will there be outside of the school day?
  6. What are specific routines and procedures for the classroom? How are these routines and procedures different for other areas of the school?
  7. Is there anything, specifically about classroom management and discipline, of which I should be aware?
  8. When should I have lesson plans ready?
  9. Are there any individual needs or differences of which I should be made aware?
  10. Will I have any special responsibilities in my student teaching?
  11. How will the teacher and I work together to create a smooth transition from observation to teaching?
  12. Which teachers’ manuals and other resources are available for my planning and teaching?
  13. When can I have a tour of the building and meet the other staff and faculty members?
  14. What is the procedure if a student is injured on the playground or in the classroom?
  15. What are the procedures for playground duty?
    1. Where and on what equipment can the children play?
    2. What are the playground signals?
    3. Do the children line up to come in?
  16. What are required school expectations and procedures for the use of AMI (Alternative Methods of Instruction)?